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Why choose Arval?

Arval brings a personal touch to car leasing

We focus on you and your drivers and get to know you. Many people think of car leasing as a B2B service. Arval sees it as person-to-person: it’s what we mean by “renting with a personal touch.”

A single contact who knows your company well

The Account Manager is your single point of contact in all day-to-day aspects of managing your fleet. Whatever the issue – perhaps negotiating the best deals for you or managing the servicing and repairs of your vehicles – you can rely on a professional dedicated to your company, who will forge a close working relationship with you and your drivers. Arval Account Managers find the right solution for each question in line with the Master Agreement, the Service Level Agreement and your Company Car Policy.

The account team keeps your fleet running smoothly

An Account Team, led by the Account Manager, ensures that you are always at the heart of our activities. The Account Manager, central to the team’s organisation, is your single point of contact. He or she works with an Account Team, made up of operational experts, who book cars in for repairs, arrange replacement vehicles and much more.

We always ensure that we are closer to our clients than other players in the market. This is because our unique structure allows us to leverage all the advantages of being a large operator while giving our clients the benefit of dealing with a small entrepreneurial office. We make sure our interactions never lose that personal touch.


A fleet policy that matches your company policy

Arval's aim is to build a long-term relationship with clients, rooted in an understanding of their needs and objectives. A key component of that relationship-building is efficient fleet management with a solid Company Car Policy at its core.

A fleet policy that suits you

To determine the fleet policy that best suits your company, Arval uses four key measures: We examine the technical and financial parameters, then analyse the policy's HR and CSR impact. We guarantee a selection of vehicles that is right for you, and offer the best funding and service options available. Your requirements, be they short or long-term, are guaranteed to match your budget. Arval also strives for a motivated workforce, and for a fleet policy that is safe and environmentally sound.

How you and your drivers benefit

A solid and well thought-out fleet policy helps you secure more stable and predictable fleet costs, ensure optimal driver use of your vehicles, and end up with limited legal, social, and health and safety risks. Your drivers are fully briefed on their rights and duties, they are well treated, and therefore more motivated.

Your fleet policy helps us understand your priorities -- it’s the foundation of everything we do.

Your drivers can play a role in keeping costs down

Arval offers a unique interface through which your drivers can select, manage and service their vehicles. They are informed of their usage via live digital tools, helping control costs.

One single point of contact

Arval handles all aspects of the leasing contract with the driver: the selection and configuration of the vehicle, based on the criteria set out in your company's car policy; vehicle ordering and management; and driver training, including on eco-friendly use and safety. We manage any complaints that come up, make service bookings, and manage accidents in the unfortunate event that they happen.


Keeping drivers alert and aware

Information is key to a successful relationship between Arval and the drivers it oversees. As a result, we offer your drivers a consistent flow of data: via state-of-the-art mobile applications, and access to an online platform that includes an archive of historical data. That way, your drivers are regularly informed of their usage of the leased vehicle -- and aware of the corresponding costs.


Controlling your running costs

On average, companies using Arval find that their running costs decrease by 10%. How do we do that? Simply by improving your drivers' behaviour at the wheel. Drivers are involved as much as possible in the use of their car, and are kept informed about it, too: a quarterly summary compares their damage record, servicing costs, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with pre-established standards.


Measuring driver satisfaction

We like to ensure that the relationship with Arval is beneficial from your drivers' standpoint. We therefore survey them regularly to find out about the condition of the vehicle they took delivery of and the quality and speed of the service provided to them as clients, at the time of delivery and beyond. And we welcome any recommendations they might have as to improvements in the relationship.

Digital services specially designed for drivers

My Arval Mobile

Arval delivers the best self-care tools to your drivers. With My Arval Mobile your drivers always have access to all information and documentation regarding their lease vehicle. From odometer reading to fuel consumption, from traffic fines to contract details. All is to be found in the app.

We strive to simplify administrative matters for your drivers combined with a good user experience. Processes like booking a service or reporting a damage can be done with greatest ease from the app. Regular updates will take place to add more functions, that makes the driver’s life easier.

My Arval Mobile is available for Android and iOS.

My Arval

My Arval is your driver’s personal digital environment. Everything that is on My Arval Mobile is also available on this platform. An important difference is the vehicle choice list. Via the choice list on My Arval your drivers can easily select the vehicle of their preference and calculate their own contribution.


Service Level Agreement: our mission is your satisfaction

Your satisfaction is important to us. That is why we guarantee service tailored to your needs and do regular surveys, to make sure we keep our promise.

With our Service Level Agreement, we draw up guarantees and service standards with you beforehand.  Our clients are our best ambassadors and we will always go that extra mile to see that you are happy on a permanent basis.

  • We set clear processes and service standards so that you know what to expect
  • We make regular surveys, measure our performance and your level of satisfaction
  • Every expression of dissatisfaction is a complaint, regardless the cause
  • Our commitment means you get what you signed up for