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How to travel with pets

Do you let the pet run (around in) the car?

Remember to keep them and yourself safe!

Pet carrier

No matter where you go, avoid putting your pet in the front passenger seat– the sunlight coming from the front window may be too hot for your pet. Moreover, the passenger airbag can have devastating consequences on any pet if it is released. Use a suitable pet carrier or well-ventilated crate in the back of the car. The crate should be large enough for your pet to stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. Secure your pet’s crate so it will not slide or shift in the event of an abrupt stop.



Especially cats don't like being taken out of their environment, so traveling takes them away from the familiar. Whenever driving with your pet, it is important that the pet has proper identification (like a chip and a collar tag) in case it escapes and gets lost. 


Going on a  roadtrip? Pack a bag for your pet

Pack food, a bowl, leash, grooming supplies, medication, first-aid and travel documents and make them easy to access in the car. To give your pet a sense of familiarity, pack a favorite toy or pillow. Make sure to pack plenty of water, and avoid feeding your pet in a moving vehicle. It's best to make a travel-feeding schedule for long road-trips and to start with a light meal three to four hours prior to departure.


Never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle!

Avoid heatstroke or your pet to freeze to death by never leaving it alone in a parked vehicle! On a hot day, even with the windows open, your parked car can become a furnace in no time. In cold weather, your car can act as a refrigerator.

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how to travel with pets